re|mind [ rı`maınd ] verb transitive ***
1. ) to tell someone again about an event from the past or about a fact that they used to know:
I can't think of his name can you remind me?
remind someone of/about something: Can you remind us about your plans for the building?
remind someone that: She reminded me that we had in fact met before, at a conference in Washington.
2. ) to help someone to remember something that they have to do:
remind someone to do something: Remind Jenny to bring her laptop when she comes.
remind someone about something: Can you remind me about my dentist's appointment tomorrow?
remind someone what/when/where/how etc.: I need the notes to remind me what to say.
a ) that reminds me SPOKEN used when someone has just said or done something that helps you to remember something:
That reminds me. I must take the chicken out of the freezer.
don't remind me SPOKEN
used for saying that you do not want to think about something unpleasant that has happened or is going to happen:
When are you going back to work? Oh, don't remind me.
may/can I remind you... or let me/I must remind you...
used for warning someone or bringing something to their attention, especially something that they already know:
don't remind me that: Can I remind everyone that we have a strict non-smoking policy here.
remind someone of someone/something
1. ) to make someone remember something that happened in the past:
That song always reminds me of our vacation in Mexico.
2. ) to be very similar to someone or something else:
She was tall and dark, and reminded me of my cousin Sarah.
It's a strange taste it reminds me of melons.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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